Few people follow the tips they are given by the diet experts about what they should eat the most and what they should reduce to eat for their health benefits. There is a great need to be concerned about the benefits of something that gets into your mouth to your stomach. The food you eat has varied roles to your body besides eating to quench your hunger. Most people will like some food the most and hate others for the reasons best known to them, one thing they do not know is that they may be liking the food that is of harm to their body than even benefits. For example, there are most people who do not like to eat the banana, when you ask them why they do not like them, they will not give significant reasons. But few will say that they ate them a lot when they were growing up, so they do not have time for them. Banana is one of the fruits you will find in most countries around the globe. It is very vital to consume this fruit because it is an instant energy booster, raw or cooked. It is a fruit you can even take in the mornings to accompany your breakfast rather than eating sugary goodies that have no benefits to your health. Most people who know about the banana do not hesitate to eat them whenever they get a chance to them because it cannot harm your health, you only become better with the bananas. Discussed below are the health benefits of eating banana extracts and why you should include them into your diet. Check out digestive enzymes vs probiotics at this link to get started.

High fiber contents
The banana extracts contain soluble and insoluble fibers. The soluble fibers will slow down your digestion, and you will feel that your stomach is full for long. If you are yearning to reduce your weight, why can’t you take them for breakfast so that you don’t eat anything else during the day?

The heart health
The banana is good for the heart because they are rich in fiber. They lower the risk of getting both cardiovascular and coronary heart disease.

Banana is a powerhouse of nutrients
They contain essential vitamins and minerals that are very useful to the body and the ones the physician can advise you to have in your body. Also read more about the banaba leaf extract benefits here.

Blood pressure
They contain little salt which contributes to getting high blood pressure but contains high potassium which is critical to have if you have it.
Banana also helps to fight anemia because they are rich in iron.

Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supplement to read more about this.


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